I have seen the future and... Spanish is spoken!

Are you searching for Spanish classes designed and tailored to your specific needs?

Do you need flexibility to attend your classes?

Would you like to advance your professional career or do you want to find employment in a Spanish-speaking company?

I’m a Spanish teacher and I’ll help you achieve all your goals relating to this language.

Vanesa Mezones Yépez

Founder of “My Spanish for You” / Spanish Teacher

I’m of Venezuelan-Spanish descent and I live in Australia. I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I speak Spanish, I’ve studied English and Portuguese and I’d like you to also enjoy the wonderful experience of living the world in several languages.

You’ll be able to improve your Spanish with my help without sacrificing your time and focusing your learning on your objectives:

  • I’m a qualified teacher and I hold a Master of Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Alcalá de Henares. My thesis was entitled “Intercultural competence in the Spanish business context.” I subsequently obtained the certificate “Specialist Teacher of Spanish for Foreigners” from International House, an educational institution accredited by Instituto Cervantes.
  • I’m a native speaker of the Spanish language and I have knowledge of both the Latin American and Spanish cultures since I have lived in both continents.
  • My classes will suit your schedule and not the other way around. My cancellation policy is flexible because I know your diary is very busy.
  • I’ve worked for multinational firms for over 10 years and I have a good understanding of the situations you face day by day in your business.
  • I adapt the teaching materials to your knowledge level, your interests and learning style.     

Request a trial lesson now and see for yourself.

This is how I became an Spanish teacher

I love teaching Spanish and opening doors to a new culture, new experiences and new opportunities for my students. However, my professional career started in a very different way.   

I was born in the eighties in the north of the Southern Cone in Caracas, Venezuela, a country with an endless summer and a particular rainy season.

Even though my father is a Spanish and Literature teacher, I studied Public Accounting because I liked numbers and I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to work as soon as possible, even before graduating.    

In 2006 I lived in London for almost a year, I started travelling and fell in love with Europe. Even though I learned how to read maps I got lost many times and every time I found my way I had a feeling that made me wonder ‘where will I get lost next time?

I made another important decision in 2008 and moved to Madrid where I lived for 8 years.

For over 10 years I worked in the external audit and finance fields in Venezuela and Spain. Working in these areas allowed me to learn, grow and fly in search of my dreams.

I learned to work, lead teams and provide my assistants with training and knowledge. That is when I realised how happy it made me to share my knowledge with others and that was the moment an idea started to grow which has now become MY Spanish for You.

In 2010 I commenced my Spanish teaching training in order to blend my two great passions: teaching and finance. My goal was to become a specialised teacher in the business and corporate sector.

This decision has changed my life. Throughout the years, I have delivered classes in various language institutes in Madrid and I’ve had the pleasure of having students from all over the world, at various levels and with diverse needs and/or motivations.

MY Spanish For You is the result of my personal and professional journey.  

My experience as a financial auditor, a language student and a Spanish teacher has brought me here.

What I enjoy the most about teaching is having the opportunity of beat myself with each student, trying to understand their difficulties and searching for the best way to help them master every aspect of the Spanish language.

I always strive to “put myself in my students’ shoes” and understand their needs, motivations and objectives, since these directly affect their learning process.

Additionally, learning about other cultures, having a conversation and exchanging experiences and knowledge turn the classes into something more than learning a language.

I have extensive experience in the business environment; this is why I can help you if you need to learn Spanish for Business. We’ll work as a team so that you can achieve your goals, which may be to perform in the firm you work for, to report to the head office in Spain or Latin America, or to search for employment in a Spanish-speaking firm.

The best way for me to explain my teaching method to you and how I can help you is through my classes. I encourage you to take advantage of the online world benefits or face-to-face classes in your business and discover how far you can get with the Spanish language if you let me help you.

See you soon…

You really want to learn and improve your Spanish with confidence and security. Let me help you get it.

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