Terms and Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully before using the services offered on this website. Do not stay with any doubt and send your question by completing the contact form.

By accessing and using the services of www.myspanishforyou.com, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Online Session Cancellation Policy

  • All lessons are paid in advance, with the possibility of canceling or changing it so you will never lose your money.
  • Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your session please give us 12 hours’ notice by email and NO FEES will apply. If you cancel or reschedule your session with less than 12 hours’ notice we will charge you for the session.
  • No-shows in the online session, we will charge you for the session.
  • If you are more than 15-20 minutes late to your online session, the class will be given at the agreed time by receiving a notice from the student via email. In case of not notifying the class will be charged and this class cannot be recovered another day.
  • The online sessions can be used within 6 months from the date of payment. Once you make a payment via PayPal you will receive an email as a confirmation of the payment with a receipt attached to it.
  • If you are interested in a session package you do not have to set a date and time for all the sessions, but you must confirm the teacher’s availability of the hours that suit you before paying. You can book one by one depending on your availability.

Trial class for online session

  • The trial class is completely FREE, will last approximately 30-40 minutes and will be useful for the student and teacher to get to know each other, talk about the needs of the student and the adapted work methodology. There is NO COMMITMENT to reserve classes once the trial class is finished.
  • In case of canceling or changing the trial class, you must notify us at least 12 hours in advance via email.

Payments for online sessions

  • Payments must be made once the availability of both parties’ schedules has been confirmed.
  • All payments, of a session or package of sessions, must be made in advance. Make sure you choose the correct session package before paying.
  • MY Spanish for You is not responsible for any additional charges (interest, commissions, finance charges, overdraft fees, etc.) from external organizations such as PayPal, banks, etc.
  • The increase in prices will be notified in advance. Recurring students, with more than 6 months of uninterrupted sessions, will keep the prices.

Holidays and Sick-leave (teacher)

  • Should the teacher encounter a problem such as illness or any unforeseeable event, the teacher will advise the student as soon as possible by email with at least 12 hours’ notice and the session will be rescheduled by mutual agreement and subject to availability. If the student prefers, 100% of the price of the class will be refunded.
  • The teacher’s holidays will be communicated in advance.

Refunds of online session

  • In case the student requests the refund, the lessons already done will not be refunded
  • If you purchase a session package and then for significant reasons justified by the student or teacher we cannot continue, 80% of the total amount paid will be refunded (if the student has not attended any class as yet) or 80% of the remaining balance will be refunded if the student has attended some classes.


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