Types of classes

Levels: Intermediate and advanced

Private sessions online (one - to - one)

Individual sessions of 50 minutes via Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom meeting  with an exclusive teacher who will suit your learning preferences and at your own pace to/for:

  • Talk about various topics
  • Learn to use vocabulary
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Practice and understand grammar
  • Understand cultural aspects
  • Losing the fear of making mistakes and clarifying your doubts

It’s an effective time practising Spanish with different resources such as: current affairs, videos, photos, work schemes, articles, etc. The resources are available at anytime,  whenever you need it.

Individual or group classes in companies (in - company)

If you are in Sydney – Australia and you are interested in having classes in your company because:

  • You do not have enough time availability.
  • You want to attend your sessions/classes at your place of work and avoid time spent on transportation.
  • You are a professional with specific needs such as: technical vocabulary, leading phone calls, emails writing, negotiations strategies, intercultural knowledge, etc.
  • You will be relocated or transferred to a Spanish-speaking country as an expatriate.
  • You have a project that demands communication in Spanish with the parent company.
  • You are a Spanish-speaking company that has an investment in Australia and you need to reconcile local workers with the new Spanish organisational culture.

Send me an email to and I’ll get in touch to explain how we could work together. You can request a free trial class at your company and get to know me without any commitment.

Levels: Intermediate and advanced

Choose what you have always wanted to choose… What do I need to learn?, How ?, When? and Where? 

Why would you choose me?

Qualified teacher and passionate about teaching

I am a qualified teacher with experience and passion for teaching. I combine knowledge and motivation that will help me in finding the best way to guide you in your Spanish learning experience.

Experience in the business world

I have worked for multinational companies in both Spain and Latam thus have experienced firsthand how effective communication in work relationship can be jeopardized by the lack of languages skills or intercultural aspects.

Planning and evaluation of progress

Progress faster! I will tailor your classes based on your needs and provide quarterly reports analysing your progress. Hence you can be aware of your progress in fluency and language skills.

Flexible schedule

You can book your session(s) both on weekdays and weekends, including nights (upon availability). Session can be cancelled or changed up to 12 hours in advance via email. You can use your sessions package in the next 6 months.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Contact me at any time and I will reply as soon as possible.

Simple and easy

Let's talk about your needs

Learn and improve your Spanish

Assessment of progress and progress

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